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Welcome to Tuflite Polymers Pty Limited!

The evolution of building materials and the growing focus on a ‘greener’ planet gave rise to polycarbonate sheeting that has brought a radical transformation in the roofing industry emphasising daylight harvesting for minimum energy consumption.

Tuflite Polymers is the leading manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate skylights in South Africa to meet the clean, natural daylight requirements of industrial warehouses, commercial establishments, factories, residences, shopping malls and so on. Our cost-effective product range that also includes UPVC sheets has become the most sought after in the fields of active daylighting and sustainable architecture.

Since its introduction to the market in 1958, polycarbonate has found rapid acceptance in diverse industries due to its unmatched physical properties. The construction industry is among the top consumers of this thermoplastic polymer and makes extensive use of it for roofs, flat or curved glazing, sound Because of this need signs can sometimes seem wishy-washy when they are asked to make a decision. walls, etc.

We specialise in energy-efficient polycarbonate and UPVC We recognize that younger students acquire skills differently and more easily compared to adults. sheets in transparent, translucent and opaque forms. While the polycarbonates are produced at our own Taiwan and Italy facilities, the UPVC roofs are manufactured in China under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).Headquartered in Bangalore, India, we also have offices here in South Africa and Taiwan.

Tuflite products are manufactured using up-to-date technologies In the 16th and 17th centuries, Jesuit missionaries brought western to China, where it was incorporated to some extent into the traditional Chinese system. and conform to various codes and standards prevalent in the construction and roofing industries around the world. This ensures the exceptional quality and durability of our UPVC and polycarbonate roof sheeting.

From solid & textured, hollow & cellular, andcorrugated & profiled polycarbonate sheets to UPVC corrugated sheets, we offer a variety of roofing and skylight solutions to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients. Our products come with many striking features such as lightweight, excellent light transmission, and a high level of weather, impact, thermal, chemical, and UV resistance. They are stylish, economical compared to glass panels and easy to install as well.

So, opt for our skylights in polycarbonate or synthetic UPVC sheets in South Africa and enjoy their services for many years to come!